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How the federation was founded

In 1900 the Kemetic federation  was founded by Pharaoh William who is the grand father of our present Pharaoh Barry 1st.

In a time that was full of change in a world that was trying to find its way William also was looking for a true path in life.

He as with so many during this time had seen how the established ways where continuing to fail those who where looking to them for guidance & support.

He found his way not in the modern ways  but in the teachings of the ancient faith of Egypt.

As he studied this ancient faith he began to see that this faith was more and more relevant to the world around him than any of the so call main stream faiths.

William began to learn from the lives of the Gods that so much of what was only just becoming known to modern man was in fact already told to us in the writings of this ancient faith.

William began to look deeper into the Kemetic faith as he did so the wisdom of the Gods became clearer & clearer to him. They where to show him that the true path for us all was a path that had been laid for mankind over 5000 years before.

William began to see that the true way to find harmony in his life for man kind to live in harmony with each other was to follow these ancient ways.

The Kemetic faith began to show him that man could move forward in a positive way in harmony with each other and the planet that they lived on.

William could see even in these days that man had to return to the ways of managing the great gifts of the Gods that made up our planet or we would face geat problems in the years to come.

Over farming, the constant use of the planets natural resources without making any move to replenish them was in time going to lead to the final destruction of our planets great resources.

So William founded the Federation on these great principles that our ancient ancestors had lived in harmony with the planet and the many races of the planet.

It is a faith that has a number of great corner stones from which our whole faith grows & unites us under the one true faith.

To treat all people as equals no race is better or worse than any other

Men & women are equal in the eyes of the Gods so they should be in our own eyes.

No person should be discriminated against for having a different sexual orientation than others. All sexual ordinations are equal for our own Gods had many different orientation.

We must live in harmony with our planet to manage its resources in a sustainable way replenishing all that we take never abusing it with over use.

To respect our elders & ancestors as well as respecting all those who live on this planet with us be they human or animal or fish or even plant life.

To live in harmony with all around us & to prevent the forces of chaos from gaining a hold in any part of our lives.


From those early days the teachings of the Federation began to spread around the world. William as Pharaoh established the laws that would govern the Federation & its Priests & followers all based on the original laws that where practised in Egypt.

As his thought captured the minds and souls the federations numbers began to grow from the original mother temple the heart of the federation more smaller temples became established in the homes of the faith full.

The great community that William had hoped for beagn to form in small groups and in individuals around the world united as one under the spiritual leadership of the Pharaoh who in turn is helped by the High council and the grand council both set up by William so that those who followed him would be able to find the advice that they would need in the years that where to come.


Today the Kemetic Federation is still growing its Pharaoh & priests have taken a leading role in the spiritual guidance of the faith full and in bringing our great faith to the masses in any way that they can the most recent being the launch of the internet site. 



the aims & goals of the federation


Welcome to the Kemetic Federation.

You may have read some of the information on our beliefs and how we started but what are our aims as a faith ? what are we looking for as followers of this ancient faith?

Here we hope to answer these questions & give you an idea of how our spiritual leader see our faith growing & developing in the future for one of the most important things to remember as a follower of our faith is that it is a living breathing faith that is linked to the world that it is in & although our God where born in the distant past what they have to teach us are very much based on the needs of the know.

Unity & Leadership

It is our hope that we can bring unity to the Kemetic community.To achieve this we welcome all followers of the Kemetic faith to join the Federations global community under an umbrella of unity fellowship and brotherhood whilst they still retain their own independence to follow the life's journeys . In return for their fellowship we offer support spiritual guidance advice & the great strength that comes from being part of a global family.

Good stewardship of our planet

 We hope to bring back to the world through the teachings of our Gods mankind's respect for our world and all who live in it. From the proof of history we can see that our faith gave man the knowledge to be good stewards of this world. To return the unity of nature and man that for centuries existed united through the power of the words of the Gods given through their priests.

In doing this it is our hope that we can give life back to a world that is dying from the abuse of mankind and its ways.

The promotion of equality for all

 Through out the pagan history of the world there is little or no sign of the prejudices that we see today. People where not judged by their color sex or sexual orientation. In there respects the world was a much more equal place to live. We hope to bring this back again by showing through the life stories of our Gods that all should be excepted as equals. That no man or woman should be discriminated against because of what they are of because of what they believe. Each person must have the right to follow their own chosen life journey free from the fear of others misguided judgments

Restore true moral values 

We hope that the life stories of our Gods can be used to teach our children true moral values that are based on the needs of the modern world and not on the outdated writings of voices of bigotry hatred and misinformation. To promote the desire of fellowship with those around us. The acceptance of others for who they are. Removing the  desire to abuse others in a attempt to force them into a mold not of their making.

Harmony between faiths

As the senior of the pagan faith we hope that we can bring harmony between the worlds many pagan faiths. To promote the acceptance that our Gods show themselves to us in many forms and under many names. So we must except and respect others beliefs. Working together to ride our world of the forces of chaos that have for to long controlled it.To return harmony to our planet in every aspect of life.

 Harmony and balance in nature life and the world

As from the very first days of our faith it is our aim to maintain harmony and balance in the form of the ma at this means that every aspect of life has to be in balance with the world around for everything that we take we have to replace it if we chop down a tree another must be planted.Everything we take from the planet has to be replaced in some way or another.