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Understandings the Gods

Posted by kemeticfederation on February 4, 2014 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (41)

Understanding the gods.

When people first look at the Kemetic faith they can find the pantheon of gods confusing even more so for those who have come from one of the religions that only have one god.

The first thing in understanding the gods of Kemetic faith is to understand syncretism. This is a practice of linking, or combining different deities into one single entity. The most common way that this has happened over the centuries is the linking of names such as Atum Khepri and Amun Ra. This practice has over the passage of time even brought foreign gods into our faith.

Sadly this is one of the most complicated aspects of our religion and also may be one of the most confusing aspects of our religion, yet this is also one of the most important aspects that one must grasp in order to fully understand our religion.

Many having to pass and to some extent even today believed that it was a simple matter of combining to or more conflicting or competing but when one looks at our religion in more detail we can see that this cannot be true.

There is no clear reason why two deities cannot be worshipped side by side. The very fact that both in the past and today our gods our worship in multiple chapels within one larger temple complex.

I myself think that perhaps the best way to describe this was laid down by Hans Bonnet when he said

The formula Amun-Re does not signify that Amun is subsumed in Re or Re in Amun. Nor does it establish that they are identical; Amun does not equal Re. It observes that Re is in Amun in such a way that he is not lost in Amun, but remains himself just as much as Amun does, so that both gods can again be manifest separately or in other combination.

If we more closely examine the relationships between the gods we can also understand better how their syncretism works. If we take the god Ra who is one of our most important gods and who among his many roles is seen as one of the gods of creation. Then we also look at Atum who also is one of the creator gods we see Atum as an aspect of Ra and it is this aspect of Ra that allows Atum to also hold the role of a creator god.

Specifically syncretism means then we recognise Ra in all of these very different God as soon as we encounter them as a creator god. Likewise we also recognise the sky god Horus in a the gods who take the form of the hawk .

However important it is for us to completely understand syncretism we have to look at other ways in which our religion formulates links between two or more deities these include

Kinship with deities have found together in a family is father son spouse brother

Statements letter gods and is the image manifestation of ba of another. An example of this Amun is said to have made his first manifestation as Ra which is very different than his syncretisc form of Amun Ra.

Long a the occasional and complicated theological statements about the union of two gods. Most of these relate to some form of union between Ra and Osiris. For example it is said that the bas of Osiris and Ra up of the to each other in Mendes and their become the united ba which according to the stela of rameses iv speaks with one mouth. The coffin texts also has a common formula that also Osiris has appeared as Ra. Inner belief in the tomb of Nofretri is depicted a ram headed mummy between Isis & Nephthys. The scene is captioned this is Ra when he has come to rest in Osiris and this is Osiris when he has come to rest in Ra. Deliberately leaving open which god has come to rest in the other we also find above the entrances to royal Tombs were Isis & Nephthys proclaiming that both Ra and their brother Osris occupy the same every body. In the book of the dead the two gods appear to be so united that many passages their names seem to be interchangeable and the corpse of the sun god is at the same time the corpse of Osiris.

As you can see the relationships and many different manifestations of the gods are very complicated and to truly understand many of the meanings and teachings of our faith we first have to begin to understand these manifestations. Once we have done this then we can truly start to understand our faith and the teachings of our gods.



The pharaoh and spiritual leader of the Kemetic federation and faith


Can we change our fate

Posted by kemeticfederation on January 29, 2014 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Can we change fate

Can we change our fate this is a question that we have all asked and not only us from the beginnings of time man has asked can he change the fate that has been laid down for him from that fateful day the he has been brought into this world.

When I last wrote I talked about the Kemetic faiths views on fate and know I would like to tell you about the faiths views on if we can change our fate.

Can fate be changed? Well we know that there are many who think that it can we hear of how the Prince of Byblos sent envoys to Egypt in order to beg Amun for 50 years over the allotted time of his life by fate in the hope that the offerings of timber to the God would persuade him to change the princes fate.

There is a very good story the story of the doomed prince. In this story we are told that the Hathors have foretold that the prince would die by any dog, crocodile, or snake. This is not normal for the Hathors to give three possible endings to a life.

The story goes on to tell us that as a child despite the prediction he asks for a puppy. After some years hiding from his fate he decides to flee Egypt. In new land he marries and tells his new wife about his fate. She begs him to kill his dog but he no. The story goes on to tell us that a crocodile has followed the prince but has been stopped from killing him by a water spirit.

One day a snake comes into the princes bedroom but is killed by his wife. She declares that the gods have delivered to him one of his Fates and so proves that the gods will protect him.

Later in the story the prince is walking with his dog the dog speaks to him and says it is he who will kill him. The prince runs to the lake where the crocodile kills the dog. Then the crocodile tells the prince it is he who will kill him.

Here the prince is given another chance to change his fate the crocodile tells him he will spare him if he kills the waters spirit.

From this story I think that we can see that no matter what fate lays down at the beginning of our lives we can change our fate.

It was the wise and good choices that the prince made in his life including courage devotion and to help others despite personal risk that the prince did manage to change his fate.

Of course none of us will know that fate that has been spoken by the Hathors at the moment of our birth. But the way that we act during our life can change that unknown prediction. To live a life that is based on honesty, and courage charity and devotion can change our fate.

In life fate can be seen as a road map we may have a preplanned route that we intend to take but during that journey we may and can take diversions and different roads that can take us on any very different and hopefully better journey then was set out for us. We can also take some wrong turnings which will not be good choices but again we still have many more chances to take other turnings that will take us back to a good place in life


Pharaoh and spiritual leader of the Kemetic federation and faith.


A dead man is at one & the same time in heaven, in Re,celestial barge under the earth,tilling Elysian fields,in his tomb enjoying victuals

Posted by kemeticfederation on December 13, 2013 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

A dead man is at one & the same time in heaven, in Re,celestial barge under the earth,tilling Elysian fields,in his tomb enjoying victuals


Fate a Kemetic view

Posted by kemeticfederation on September 20, 2013 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (1)

Fate a Kemetic view

“Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together,but do so with all your heart.”

This was the thoughts of the Roman Marcus Aurelius, Meditations but what is fate and how do we in the Kemetic faith see it.

It is true that different people see fate in different ways and also how much it plays in their lives. Many people do even over 4500 years on still believe that fate plays a important role in their lives that it is through fate that so much happens they have no control over.

We in the Kemetic faith so believe that fate plays a important part in our lives that we are surrounded or assisted by powers that will affect the way our life goes.

As with all things in life fate can give us bad as well as good things as we journey through our lives.

We are born with demons of fate that will stay with us through out life they will even follow us in death to the next world.

But fate is far more complicate a issue than just this it has so many different facets and contradiction that run through it that affect our personal view of life.

Let us start with the origins of the word which in the ancient tongue of our faith translates as ordain or fix and is in the most part the action of a God.

A good example of this would be when we say that it is the fate of all to die or that death was a kindly fate. These are clearly the actions or laws of the Gods and we have no power how much we would want to to stop this from happening to our loved ones or our selves.

We are all aware that the time and place of our death is laid down by the Gods through our own personal fate . This is best explained in the Story of the two brothers the king of the Gods Re instructs Khnum to create a wife for Bata. The seven Hathors are also there when Ra gives his instructions to Khnum and they proclaim together that “She will die by the knife” In this role we may make a comparison to European witches who also would state at the moment of birth all that would happen to the child during their lives.

So we see that from the very beginnings of our faith fate is there to lay out the paths that we will take throughout our live.

We can continue to find examples from the lives of our Gods everywhere which does show the importance that they themselves put on fate also that even Gods are subject to fate as much as mortal men and women.

These are not the only forces of fate that we in the Kemetic faith believe exist there are three forces of fate or you may wish to look at it as three deity’s that look after fate .

The three Hathors who deal with the aspects of fate that will determine a persons life span and the manner of their death. They also govern the other bad events that fate will deal us during life.

Meshkhenet who will decide the work that we will do in life and the status that we will hold during our time in this world.

While Renenet will decide the material fortune or even misfortune a person will have. She also has additional role in fate to lengthen a life if they achieve great and good deeds during their life this also gives her and her companion Shai (destiny) the power to shorten the lives of the wicked and evil.

But can we change our fate well this is a subject that I would like to come to next time .

For know think about the hand that fate has dealt you in life and remember that there are so many things in life that are not down to us but are down to fate and as such we can not change so why spend time worrying about them. Instead enjoy the many pleasures that fate has also dealt you through the blessings of Meshkhenet & Renenet .



Spiritual leader of Kemetic Federation & faith


Me and my Shadow

Posted by kemeticfederation on September 19, 2013 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Me and my shadow

The words of a famous song that many of us will know but they are also a good description of the spiritual make up of us as well.

In our faith as in many other faiths that have followed we believe that we are made up of parts that together make the whole that lives in this world and in death these parts separate.

We have the Ka our life force then we have the Ba the soul the flesh our body and the name and finally we have the shadow. In order for us to live as a whole we have to have all of these elements to be able to function in this world as a human .

The shadow is a important part of this make up for one thing it is only one of two that we can physically see. Also there is a strong link between the sun and our shadow it is even refured to in the prophecy of Neferti in the absence of sunlight is described as “ no one will distinguish his shadow.

As with the other parts of a man that I have mentioned the shadow is both part of a person and is also seen as a separate mode of existence. We see this in the images of the Gods that are carved onto the temple walls they are seen as the shadow of the Gods and in some cases we also refer to the temple as the shadow of the God as well.

The shadow is mainly thought about when we come to the end of our great journey in this world and embark on the road to the next world to once again start our great journey there.

We can see the shadow and the Ba as one and a form of existence after death here in this world and as we see the Ba as a entity of its own when it leaves the body after death that can eat drink and have a shadow of its own.

Each night after death the Ba and the shadow will return to the tomb and the body.

These two parts of the whole are a means for our loved ones to remain with us and watch over us from the next world and so we should never feel alone for they are always there with us in the shadows watching over us guiding and protecting us.

So next time that you look down at your feet or even the feet of others and see the shadow remember that you are looking at a part of the soul the only part that we can truly see in this world .

May the blessing of the gods be with you


Spiritual leader of the Kemetic Federation and Faith.


The Sochi Olympics moral duty to the world

Posted by kemeticfederation on August 12, 2013 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

The Sochi Olympics moral duty to the world.


I have been following with interest the recent discussion's that have been taking place about the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia and whether they should take place in a country that does not respect so many of the human rights that we expect a modern nation to enforce in its actions and laws.


Stephen Fry is among those who have spoken out about the games and has called for a boycott of the games along with gay rights groups around the world.


In his letter to the UK Prime minster David Cameron he compared the position of gay people in Russia in 2013 to the position of Jews in Germany in 1936. That seems fair enough. In both cases, laws have been passed limiting their freedom, and concerted acts of violence mounted with the connivance of the state against their persons and businesses. An organised Reichskristallnacht against gay bars in Moscow hardly seems an implausible prospect. It is proposed that the Sochi Olympics be boycotted.


Yet with such clear evidence that the Russian state is discriminating against the gay community and not denying that it is doing so the sporting world and politicians have failed to hear the call rather they are all for the games to go ahead in Russia as planned.


It is at this point that I as the spiritual leader of the Kemtic faith have to think is this right should we just put aside the crimes of a state against its people for sport. I very much see here another example that a movement that was hoped would bring the world together through sport is once again being very selective in that role and only to happy to turn a blind eye in order that its own plans are not effected.


This is not the first time that we have seen this and sadly I am sure it will not be the last. In fact we have already seen in Brazil that the games there have been put ahead to the people with millions spent on the games while people live in poverty. People who would benefit far more from the use of this money to help them and to improve their lives than to stage a sporting event that will in the end bring none of the promises that it always offers.


So why do these people think that these games are more important than human rights and the needs of their own people this I have no answer to but I do offer my views.


What we call the Olympic games are in fact based on a total myth they were in fact a bloody display of victors over those they had defeated and todays games are in some respect very similar.


The Sochi Olympics will be a display by Mr Putin and his followers to the world that they can ignore human right and the world will turn a blind eye.


The very same organisation did the same back in 1936 and the world followed as it is today what was to follow was one of the worlds most bloody and horrific crimes of a state against the human race.


Then as know we should have said we will not stand bye in silence we will use the power of these games for the good of the human race. We failed to do so and have continued to do so time and time again with the games turning a blind eye to despotic regimes for the sack of their games.


The time has come for this to end and if the games will not turn their back on these government's and starts to pay for the games itself rather than expecting nations to foot the bill with money that should be helping people. Then the time has come to turn our backs on the games.


The Kemtic faiths teaching clearly show that if the Olympics do not do this then we have to boycott the games and continue to do so until they change their ways without the people to follow these games they become nothing and the kudus that they give to these government's is worthless.




Spiritual leader of the Kemetic federation and faith

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby & Wonga

Posted by kemeticfederation on July 26, 2013 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby & Wonga


I read with great interest the news the Justin Welby had declared that he and the Church of England were going to force Wonga the payday leading firm out of business with the use of credit unions across the country.


My amusement did not come from the setting up of credit unions which we in the Kemetic Federation think are one of the best ways to offer help to those who are in need of financial help in these troubled times when so many have found themselves in need.


No my amusement started when after all his words of condemnation it turned out the Church that he heads was one of those who invested in funds that provided money for Wonga.


It is yet another example of how these so called organisations of faith talk one thing and yet behind closed doors practise another.


This is a prime example while the encouraging of credit unions is a very good thing why does the Church of England and come to that and faith organisation need so much money in its coffers.


We except that it has to cover the costs of the clergy and the churches although this is not the exact truth as if you go to any church you are bound to find a fund to help restore it. But why so much other money in fact why does the Archbishop Welby need a palace in central London and it is not only him this point goes even more so for the Pope who despite all his words lives in a massive palace complex with finances that any major company would envy.


All these faith talk of helping the poor. They tell us that they condemn usury as a major sin and yet they use these very things and companies to enhance their wealth and this is a wealth that stays with them and never gets to the poor.


Within the Kemetic Federation we have practiced a very different way of life. A way that was started centuries ago in the ancient time. We except that it is the duty of the temples to collect wealth but that this wealth should be used to help those in need.


In the past our priests filled out granary's in times of plenty but in times of need these full granary's were emptied into the hands of the poor.


So I say to Justin Welby and all those who follow his view that stop trying to get followers back to your church with headline catching statements and start to help the poor and empty your bank accounts into the hands of those who need it.


The Gods have shown us that in times of plenty it is the duty if the temples to save and in times of need this should be there for the poor and needy a leson that so many could and should learn from.




Spiritual leader of the Kemetic Federation and Faith


Egypt and the end of Morsi

Posted by kemeticfederation on July 4, 2013 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Today we have to rejoice at the removal of the government of Mr Morsi and his Muslim brotherhood.


This was not a coup as some have called it. It was the mass will of the people proving that no matter how high that you climb in this world and no matter how powerful you think that you may be if you fail to keep your word then you will fail.


The Egyptian people were promised a new age but instead Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood tired to turn a great secular state into a Muslim state through the back door promising one thing to the people and delivering something totally different.


The people they thought would be powerless to stop them once they had tricked their way into power but they have been proved wrong by the people.


In rising up in a peaceful and democratic manner they have achieved in only a matter of days something that other nations have failed to achieve in years by the use of violence.


I feel that we have a strong lesson to learn here and that the world should look once again to this great nation and to see that great change can be brought about with only the power of peaceful demonstration.


The very ideals of the Kemtic faith have been proven here to be the way forward for all nations who live under a government that is failing to act in their interests and is solely concerned with the interests and agendas of a minority of which it is part.


I say on this great day for democracy look and learn from this. To the dictator's and those who have tricked their way into government by lies and deception and think that once they have control of the instrument's of the state they are untouchable think again.


We have seen that the will of the people is that government is their to enact the will of the people is a secular manner. That there is no place for religion in the halls of government. To fail the people is to face being removed by those who you are there to serve and have failed to serve.


As for the armys role in this great day they have simply done their duty and that is to serve the people to defend the nation for harm and to obey those who they are there to serve the people of Egypt not the few men who thought that they could defraud a nation out of its basic and democratic rights.


Let us hope that this will be the start of a new age of greatness in Egypt and also will be the blue print for the peaceful removal of rogue governments and dictator's and those who try to rule through religion. That the days of violent uprisings are over and that a new age of peaceful democracy can grow from these great seeds that have been sown here today.


May the Blessings of the Netjar be on the people of Egypt today and on all who seek to remove despots and governments who fail to serve all the nation they govern.




Spiritual leader of the Kemetic Federation and Faith.


Summer solstice 2013

Posted by kemeticfederation on June 21, 2013 at 5:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Summer solstice 2013


On this the summer solstice may I send you blessings in the names of the Great Gods and I would like to take the chance to explain the meaning of this very important day in our religious calendar.


Around the world this morning people of many faiths gathered at holy sites to welcome the sun on this the longest day of the year and we in the Kemetic faith were among them.


Here at the mother temple we welcomed Ra as he was born into the world again and began the longest of his daily journeys across the sky.


But why is today so important to so many well in the Kemetic faith it has many meanings one of which is the beginning of the new year in the original lunar calendar of our great faith.


This calendar was later replaced with the solar calendar which we use today to set the dates of our festivals and our new year. But the importance of this day is not forgotten neither is the fact that this was a very important date in the life of not only our faith but the great nation from which it grew.


The summer solstice was also a date that marked the start of the great inundation of the Holy Nile the great life blood that brought life to the fields and gave the great harvests that would give life to a nation.


So you can see that this is a very important date in the life of a nation and a faith it brings life into our world and gives us all that is needed for us to live in the months that come as the days get shorter and as we start the long journey into winter and there await the return of the summers blessings.


This day is a day to look to new beginning's a time to take a chance to put behind the year that has past and to start a new.


A time to think of the great blessings the Holy Nile brings to the land and to bring those blessings into your life and the lives of those around you prosperity growth . A time to think of how we can ensure just as the Holy Nile does that no one will go hungry and that there is food for all.


When we should look at our good fortune and share it with all those around the world who may not have such riches of the heart and soul .




Spiritual leader of the Kemetic Faith and Federation


Afganistan should the USA talk to the Taliban

Posted by kemeticfederation on June 20, 2013 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Afganistan should the USA talk to the Taliban


Today we mark the day that Anubis visits the all necropolises a time when we remember those who have passed from this world to the next and it was with this day in mind that I was asked how can the USA and Obama do this talk to the Taliban.


After all so many have died in the fight against them a fight that was spear headed by the USA and one that has seen family's around the world suffer great loss.


What was the point of these men and women making the ultimate sacrifice for the Afghan people and nation.


Why would Obama want to sit down and talk with men who would turn the clock back not just years but century's to return their nation to a state were women are second class were people do not have to freedom to live their lives in a way that they chose but have to live it in a way that is interpreted by a few from a single holy book.


I wish I could answer these questions and I am sure that there are many out there who wish they could as well.


The Kemetic faith is a ancient and wise one older than the modern faiths that dominate the world today. Yet we are told that all are equal in all things that we have to respect the views and beliefs of others.


The Kemetic faith tells us that we have no right to impose our views onto others and we should never disrespect the faith or views of others just because they differ from ours.


It is a fact that many of our faiths ideals are the same as those shared by the people of the USA and of which Obama was sworn to uphold.


Yet here we are with Obama and his government saying that they are willing to sit down with the Taliban a group that has done and continues to do all it can to denie the Afghan people these basic human rights.


It is our duty as brothers and sisters to do all that we can to ensure that everyone has these basic human rights and that they should not live in fear of death if they try to exercise them in their own nation.


To sit at a table with the Taliban is to start on the road of desertion a road that once you have taken the first step you will never be able to turn around and walk back.


I call on Obama to think again to show the world that all his talk of a free world and all his ideals are not just talk but that he is 100% behind them.


I saw do not just talk the talk it is time to walk the walk as well give hope back to the Afghan people do not let them once again be left in the bloody hands of the Taliban .





Spiritual leader of the Kemetic faith and Federation