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Fate a Kemetic view

Posted by kemeticfederation on September 20, 2013 at 10:20 AM

Fate a Kemetic view

“Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together,but do so with all your heart.”

This was the thoughts of the Roman Marcus Aurelius, Meditations but what is fate and how do we in the Kemetic faith see it.

It is true that different people see fate in different ways and also how much it plays in their lives. Many people do even over 4500 years on still believe that fate plays a important role in their lives that it is through fate that so much happens they have no control over.

We in the Kemetic faith so believe that fate plays a important part in our lives that we are surrounded or assisted by powers that will affect the way our life goes.

As with all things in life fate can give us bad as well as good things as we journey through our lives.

We are born with demons of fate that will stay with us through out life they will even follow us in death to the next world.

But fate is far more complicate a issue than just this it has so many different facets and contradiction that run through it that affect our personal view of life.

Let us start with the origins of the word which in the ancient tongue of our faith translates as ordain or fix and is in the most part the action of a God.

A good example of this would be when we say that it is the fate of all to die or that death was a kindly fate. These are clearly the actions or laws of the Gods and we have no power how much we would want to to stop this from happening to our loved ones or our selves.

We are all aware that the time and place of our death is laid down by the Gods through our own personal fate . This is best explained in the Story of the two brothers the king of the Gods Re instructs Khnum to create a wife for Bata. The seven Hathors are also there when Ra gives his instructions to Khnum and they proclaim together that “She will die by the knife” In this role we may make a comparison to European witches who also would state at the moment of birth all that would happen to the child during their lives.

So we see that from the very beginnings of our faith fate is there to lay out the paths that we will take throughout our live.

We can continue to find examples from the lives of our Gods everywhere which does show the importance that they themselves put on fate also that even Gods are subject to fate as much as mortal men and women.

These are not the only forces of fate that we in the Kemetic faith believe exist there are three forces of fate or you may wish to look at it as three deity’s that look after fate .

The three Hathors who deal with the aspects of fate that will determine a persons life span and the manner of their death. They also govern the other bad events that fate will deal us during life.

Meshkhenet who will decide the work that we will do in life and the status that we will hold during our time in this world.

While Renenet will decide the material fortune or even misfortune a person will have. She also has additional role in fate to lengthen a life if they achieve great and good deeds during their life this also gives her and her companion Shai (destiny) the power to shorten the lives of the wicked and evil.

But can we change our fate well this is a subject that I would like to come to next time .

For know think about the hand that fate has dealt you in life and remember that there are so many things in life that are not down to us but are down to fate and as such we can not change so why spend time worrying about them. Instead enjoy the many pleasures that fate has also dealt you through the blessings of Meshkhenet & Renenet .



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1 Comment

Reply Nathifa
10:41 AM on January 24, 2014 
I enjoyed reading this, and it really makes me look back on my life. The good is mentioned here, but Fate also deals out pain and suffering. Perhaps there is a balance between the two. I was given schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It was a Fate I wanted to avoid at all costs, to the point of paranoia...and then I had my psychotic breakdown and it became a reality in my life. But this doesn't have to be a bad Fate, it is certainly a life lesson. Hopefully I won't have to repeat it in other lives. The same Fate brought me to my current boyfriend, who loves me and takes care of me, while giving me some independence so I am not dependent on him. But Fate isn't good nor evil; it is.