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Can we change our fate

Posted by kemeticfederation on January 29, 2014 at 9:15 AM

Can we change fate

Can we change our fate this is a question that we have all asked and not only us from the beginnings of time man has asked can he change the fate that has been laid down for him from that fateful day the he has been brought into this world.

When I last wrote I talked about the Kemetic faiths views on fate and know I would like to tell you about the faiths views on if we can change our fate.

Can fate be changed? Well we know that there are many who think that it can we hear of how the Prince of Byblos sent envoys to Egypt in order to beg Amun for 50 years over the allotted time of his life by fate in the hope that the offerings of timber to the God would persuade him to change the princes fate.

There is a very good story the story of the doomed prince. In this story we are told that the Hathors have foretold that the prince would die by any dog, crocodile, or snake. This is not normal for the Hathors to give three possible endings to a life.

The story goes on to tell us that as a child despite the prediction he asks for a puppy. After some years hiding from his fate he decides to flee Egypt. In new land he marries and tells his new wife about his fate. She begs him to kill his dog but he no. The story goes on to tell us that a crocodile has followed the prince but has been stopped from killing him by a water spirit.

One day a snake comes into the princes bedroom but is killed by his wife. She declares that the gods have delivered to him one of his Fates and so proves that the gods will protect him.

Later in the story the prince is walking with his dog the dog speaks to him and says it is he who will kill him. The prince runs to the lake where the crocodile kills the dog. Then the crocodile tells the prince it is he who will kill him.

Here the prince is given another chance to change his fate the crocodile tells him he will spare him if he kills the waters spirit.

From this story I think that we can see that no matter what fate lays down at the beginning of our lives we can change our fate.

It was the wise and good choices that the prince made in his life including courage devotion and to help others despite personal risk that the prince did manage to change his fate.

Of course none of us will know that fate that has been spoken by the Hathors at the moment of our birth. But the way that we act during our life can change that unknown prediction. To live a life that is based on honesty, and courage charity and devotion can change our fate.

In life fate can be seen as a road map we may have a preplanned route that we intend to take but during that journey we may and can take diversions and different roads that can take us on any very different and hopefully better journey then was set out for us. We can also take some wrong turnings which will not be good choices but again we still have many more chances to take other turnings that will take us back to a good place in life


Pharaoh and spiritual leader of the Kemetic federation and faith.


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