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The 42 Negative confessions

When our body dies, the soul travels with the Great God Ra through the hours of Tuat to our judgment within the Great Hall of Ma'at. During this judgment, our heart is weighed by Anubis against Ma'at's feather. If the heart is lighter or heavier than her feather, our souls are punished or even destroyed by being fed to Ammit. If the heart weighs the same, then we are allowed to spend time at rest before being born again to continue the lessons our souls must learn.

Once we have completed all our lessons, we are allowed into the Abode of Osiris, the Eternal Field of Reeds, where we shall live amongst the Gods and Goddesses as one of them.

As our knowledge of obtaining Ma'at progresses, we are expected to incorporate these principles in our lives. These principles are known as "Negative Confessions" because they usually begin with a negative statement, and are simply affirmations of acts we have avoided in our lives to live by Ma'at.

1. Have you done wrong?
2. Have you robbed with violence?
3. Have you stolen?
4. Have you slain another?
5. Have you defrauded the offering?
6. Have you reduced measures?
7. Have you plundered the Gods?

8. Have you spoken lies?
9. Have you spoken evil?
10. Have you caused pain to another?
11. Have you committed fornication?
12. Have you caused the shedding of tears?
13. Have you dealt with deceit?
14. Have you transgressed?

15. Have you dissembled?
16. Have you laid waste to the land?
17, Have you discussed secrets?
18. Have you brought false lawsuits?
19. Have you been angry but for just cause?
20. Have you defiled the wife of any man?
21. Have you caused terror?

22. Have you polluted yourself?
23. Have you been hot tempered?
24. Have you been neglectful of truthful words?
25. Have you cursed another?
26. Have you acted with insolence?
27. Have you stirred up strife?
28. Have you judged hastily?

29. Have you gossiped?
30. Have you sought for unearned honors?
31. Have you been garrulous in speech?
32. Have you done evil?
33. Have you disputed the King?
34. Have you fouled the waters?
35. Have you spoken scornfully?

36. Have you cursed a God?
37. Have you carried off goods by force?
38. Have you damaged the offerings to the Gods.
39. Have you plundered the offerings to the Blessed dead.
40. Have you stolen food from a babe?
41. Have you harmed the God of your place of birth?
42. Have you slain the cattle of the Gods?